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5 min read

8 Important Digital Marketing Skills Your Business Needs in 2022

Digital marketing can play an important role in the growth and success of a business. This is because it allows you to...

5 min read

Building a Digital Marketing Team — What Roles and Responsibilities are Needed?

Your digital marketing team has a key role to play in the overall success of your business. Not only will they plan...

4 min read

5 Business-Changing Benefits of Upskilling Employees

In a recent survey, 59% of businesses named upskilling as their top priority in 2021 and beyond. So, what is upskilling...

3 min read

Digital Marketing Courses — What Are the Learning Outcomes?

Digital marketing courses are ideal for professionals to fast—track their understanding and gain hands-on skills in...

4 min read

How to Address the Digital Skills Gap in Your Workforce

More and more jobs require digital skills for employees to be successful in their roles. However, a recent study found...

4 min read

Upskilling for digital — How to offer employee training to supercharge your marketing

We’re living in the digital age. More consumers are turning online and more businesses are investing in...

6 min read

What's Covered on Ascento's Comprehensive Digital Marketing Courses?

It’s crucial that your employees have a comprehensive understanding of marketing and the relevant skills needed to...

4 min read

Top 5 Tips To Avoid Over Working

One of the primary concerns that employers had about the idea of mass remote working before the COVID-19 outbreak was...

3 min read

Top 5 Tips in Crisis Management

What is Crisis Management?

A crisis might happen as a result of an unforeseen incident or as an unanticipated...

3 min read

Why Become Employee Owned?

If you’ve seen us mentioned in Business Live, Insider Media and other regional publications, Ascento has now become...

3 min read

Business Development encompassing Consultative Sales

The importance of Business Development

Business development can be defined as the ideas, initiatives, and actions that...

6 min read

The New Apprenticeship Roadmap

The Importance of the new Apprenticeship RoadmapThe road to a quality apprenticeship has been released as a new guide....