The next step in your marketing teams career awaits them

Our Level 4 Apprenticeship for Marketing Managers Can Help You Get There 


Level 4 Apprenticeship for Marketing Managers

Do certain members of your marketing team need some support laying the groundwork to reach that next stage of growth in their career? If so, our Level 4 Programme could be just right.


L4 Marketing Executive Programme Guide


What's Covered in the Course?

Marketing Concepts & Theories

One of the first modules covered in the course will help Marketing Executives build upon their current understanding and application of marketing theories and concepts within their role. Some of the key areas include brand perception, customer relationship management and budgeting methodologies.

Commercial Awareness

Developing commercial awareness is a key skill for any marketer looking to develop in their career. In this module, we’ll explore the key principles of marketing and introduce the importance of research and other factors such as building audience profiles, all of which will help your staff become more commercially aware.

Market Research

The market research module introduces one of the most crucial techniques for any marketer; understanding how to effectively research competitors and different audiences. This skill is the bedrock for developing a marketing strategy, which will become an essential part of marketers role as they take on more responsibility.

Project & Budget Management

If your team wants to manage a department, they’ll need to be in the know about managing projects and a budget. In this module, we’ll explore the best methods for managing both of these, utilising both automated software and other tools such as Gantt Charts.

Creating Objectives

This module will focus on how to set objectives as part of an overall marketing strategy. The apprentice will learn how to use research findings to influence future goals, the principles behind SMART targets and how to set effective KPIs which measure staff performance. This will provide the apprentice with the necessary skills to influence or create marketing plans which align with an overall business strategy.


That's not all!

Download your copy of the Level 4 Marketing Executive Programme brochure to learn about the additional modules covered in the course and so much more.

L4 Marketing Executive Programme Guide



A Few Points to Keep in Mind

Start Dates

Your staff can start all of our programmes straight away. They won’t need to worry about waiting around for the next enrolment date.

How Long Does the Course Last?

15 months in total. We’ll cover each of our modules over a couple of months.

Access to Our Learning Platform

All learners will receive full access to our innovative learning platform and supplied with 100’s of additional courses —free of charge. This is a great chance to supercharge their learning.

One to One Consultancy.

Our experts will be there to support your staff throughout the course. Should they have a problem or need guidance in a particular area, our team will only be a quick email away. They’ll also receive two-hour consultancy sessions with their personal marketing expert every month.

EPA Experts

We won't let the EPA process overwhelm you.Our exprts are here to guide you every step of the way with tailored support to help you succeed.

How Much Does the Course Cost?

With the government funding 95% of the course, pricing starts at just £300 for non-levy paying employers.


Want to Learn More About the Programme and What’s in it For You?

Let’s chat. Our team will provide you with all the details about the programme, the benefits it can provide to your businesses and attendees, and answer any questions you may have. Get in touch below.


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