Introducing Ascento’s CMI Level 3 Team Leader Apprenticeship Programme

Our Level 3 Team Leading apprenticeship Programme Will Provide Your Staff With the Skills and Confidence to Take Their First Steps on the Management Ladder.


This programme is perfect if you’re looking to develop staff to become leaders in your business. Whether that’s managing people, leading projects or heading up an operation, we’ll cover everything there is to know.


L3 Team Leader Programme Guide


What's covered in the course?

Management of Self

This module will guide your staff to become the best version of themself in the workplace. They will learn how to reflect on their own performance, build strong relationships with employees and effectively lead people and projects as they progress in their career.

Project Management

Every leader in a business is responsible for managing projects and people. In this module, we’ll explore your staff's involvement in managing projects and how to do so effectively. This involves managing time efficiently and using specific tools to support them in the process.

Managing People

Managing the workforce is no easy task. People are different. Your employees need to know what makes them tick. This module will explore different people management styles, theories and models to develop the necessary skills to become a great manager when the time comes.

Financial and Budgetary Management

In this module, your staff will explore the financial aspect of taking on a team leader role in your business. Discover the best practices for financial and budgetary control and its role in successfully managing projects.


Download your copy of the Level 3 Team Leader Programme brochure to learn about the additional modules covered in the course and so much more.


L3 Team Leader Programme Guide


A Few Points to Keep in Mind

Start Dates

Your staff can start all of our programmes straight away. You won’t need to worry about waiting around for the next enrolment date.

One to One Consultancy

Our experts will be there to support your team throughout the course. Should they have a problem or need guidance in a particular area, our team will only be a quick email away. They’ll also receive two-hour consultancy sessions with your personal marketing expert every month.

Access to Our Learning Platform

All learners will receive full access to our innovative learning platform and supplied with 100’s of additional courses —free of charge. This is a great chance to supercharge your staff’s learning.

How Long is the Course?

12 months in total.

CMI Partner

The endpoint assessment organisation for your qualification is the Chartered Management Institute.

How Much Does the Course Cost?

With the government funding 95% of the course, pricing starts at just £225  for non-levy paying employers.


Here's a little more about the end point assessment

Our Level 3 Team Leader Programme is assessed at its conclusion by the Chartered Management Institute, giving students and employers the reassurance that a world-renowned and recognised body stands behind the qualification standards.


Want to learn more about the programme and what's in it for you?

Our team would love to get to know more about your business and your goals. Let's start a conversation and get things moving. Simply click below to get in touch.

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