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These characteristics influence the way we operate every day. We’re passionate about helping our clients grow and reap amazing results.



Our programmes are designed to ensure that all of our learners gain maximum benefit. If we don’t think that a programme is right for your business and employees, we’ll always take an honest approach and let you know.



We’re a committed bunch who are always striving to get better. Once you start to work with us, we’ll become an extension of your team. Our tutors will always be on hand to offer the guidance and support you and your employees need to ensure you see a return on your investment.



You can trust us to do a great job. We are a fully accredited provider of learning and development programmes and have been delivering real value to both our learners and their employers for over 15 years.


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Senior leadership team

Chris_Ash 500 x 500

Chris Ash

Managing Director
Tracy Stevenson Operations Director

Tracy Stevenson

Operations Director
Oliver Simpson 500 x 500

Oliver Simpson

Commercial Director
Helen Abbott Head of Quality

Helen Abbott

Head of Quality

The Marketing School

Jack Hawksworth 500 x 500

Jack Hawksworth

Head of Marketing School

Jack has been involved with the programmes at Ascento for over five years and is our Head of Department. Before joining Ascento, he worked in various roles, including being a Social Media Manager, Website Manager and Content Creator.

Natalie Young

Natalie Young

Marketing Tutor

Natalie joined the team as a Digital Marketing Tutor in 2021. She has over 10 years’ experience in the health and fitness sector, bringing a wealth of experience under her belt.


The Leadership & Management School

Nicola Charlesworth 500 x 500

Nicola Charlesworth

Head of Management School

Nicola has been working at Ascento since 2019, but found her vocation for teaching and education in 2014. Her previous experience has given her interesting and useful insights into different sectors, roles, management structures and management models.

Helen Bowskill 500 x 500

Helen Bowskill

Management Tutor

Helen has worked at Ascento for over three years. Before joining us, she worked in the public sector, bringing to her role a wealth of different experiences, management theories and knowledge from real-life situations.

Rachael Webster 500 x 500

Rachael Webster

Management Tutor

Rachael has worked at Ascento for over 6 years & has over 11 years experience working with Apprenticeships. Rachael has held various management positions throughout her career, so bringing a wealth of real-life experience to Ascento.


Business Support

Jane_Simpson 500 x 500

Jane Simpson

Senior Business Support

Jamie Woodhouse

Enrolment & Data Officer
Brook 500 x 500

Brook Charlesworth

Digital Support
David 500x500

David Beynon

Account Manager
Sam 500x500

Sam Hollis

Account Manager
Kevin Marsh

Kevin Marsh

Account Manager
holding image

Terry Lane

Business Development
Evie Simpson

Evie Simpson

Marketing Support
George Ash

George Ash

Marketing Executive