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How Long Have You Worked at Ascento?

I’ve worked at Ascento for over three years, after leaving the public sector, bringing to my role a wealth of different experiences, management theories and knowledge from real-life situations.


What Did You Do Before Working for Ascento?

In the past, I’ve worked for many organisations all over the world, including Moscow and Munich. My life working in education started when I qualified as a secondary school teacher. This quickly developed into managing a department, then a year group and finally a middle school. Since then, I’ve worked in numerous schools providing management and support for all staff — not just the teachers. I’ve accumulated many skills for learning and development for many different personalities, profiles and job roles.

I’ve also interestingly managed clinical trial groups in two major hospitals. Calling on my emotional intelligence and leadership skills has led me to manage these different situations well, as I love problem-solving, meeting goals and achieving along the way.


What Do You Enjoy About Your Role?

From this management experience and my own personal preference, I would say that I find 'softer skills' most fascinating and of interest to me. I like to improve situations and support the development of everyone within a company to ensure that everyone reaches their goals within an inclusive successful environment.

Everyone has talents and skills that enable leaders to enhance working life and the skills in their staff. If an employee is underperforming in some way or needs to learn new subject areas, it’s up to us to support them and help them achieve their best potential. To-date, in my Tutor role, I have seen so many people learn and grow in so many different situations and roles whilst participating in our courses. It's been amazing!


What Do You Like to Get Up Outside of Work?

Away from work, I’m a member of the local running club and I like to participate in half marathons (although during the last mile or two, I wouldn’t use the word ‘like’). I’m not a natural runner but through coaching and persistence from friends, I’ve developed to an acceptable level. It’s all about pushing yourself both mentally as well as physically, anyone can develop.

Helen Bowskill 500 x 500

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