Digital marketing courses are ideal for professionals to fast—track their understanding and gain hands-on skills in digital marketing. However, there’s a vast range of options available and the learning outcomes can vary depending on which course you enrol your employees on.
This article delves deeper into the broad range of digital marketing courses available and explains the potential learning outcomes for your business.


What types of digital marketing courses are available?

If you jumped on Google and searched for ‘Digital Marketing Courses’, you’d get thousands of different options fired back at you.

Some digital marketing courses might only cover a specific discipline, while others will help their students master the basics, covering many different topics.

Which digital marketing course you decide to choose will depend on your business goals and also on the employees you enrol on the programme.

There are digital marketing courses designed for beginners and others that are more advanced. This means it’s essential to do your research before you make any decisions to ensure you choose a course that’s exactly right for everyone involved.

Different digital marketing courses will offer different learning outcomes for your employees, too. These learning outcomes can be transferred to your business and make a real impact.

But what are these different types of learning outcomes?


How can upskilling your workforce have an impact?

The right digital marketing course should provide attendees with an in-depth understanding of the principles and practices of digital marketing so they can leverage their knowledge once they return to the office. Some of the critical candidate learning outcomes include:


Devising Strategies


Understanding strategy is a crucial aspect of digital marketing success. Candidates who attend a digital marketing course will gain insight into the main components of digital marketing strategy and its impact on business objectives.

They’ll learn how to set targets, report effectively and track KPIs. These are important skills that can be shared with other team members when they return to the office.

Digital marketing




Research has found that 52% of marketers use three to four marketing channels in 2021 compared to 44% in 2015. Marketers need to have a firm understanding of how these channels work, including SEO, PPC and social media.

The right digital marketing course will delve into these different channels and provide practical opportunities for students to familiarise themselves with how they work.

This means they’ll become more confident running multichannel strategies and utilising them to have a positive impact on your business.


Crafting Content


The implementation of content marketing is vital in today’s digital landscape. Employees need to understand how to plan content and write copy in different formats.

A digital marketing course should provide the opportunity for students to learn why content is so important, what it’s needed for and how to plan a range of content campaigns.

Crafting content has a significant impact on audience decision-making. By having these skills under their belt, your employees will better understand how to communicate with your audience and how they interact with your brand.

An Introduction to Ascento

Here at Ascento, our digital marketing courses offer all of the learning outcomes mentioned above and so much more.

Our dedicated team is passionate about helping professionals learn and develop their marketing skills to progress in their careers and confidently contribute to the success of their businesses.

We understand how difficult it can be for HR professionals to recruit the best talent and develop your existing staff to fill the gaps, too. That’s why we’ll work closely with your business to ensure the programme we deliver is tailored to meet your requirements so you can overcome any current challenges you’re facing.

We’ve put together a brochure that takes a deeper look at our level 3 digital marketing course, the benefits it can offer and the different learning outcomes for candidates.

It’s available to download below.

Digital Marketing Programme

Oliver Simpson

Written by Oliver Simpson