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We are delighted to be able to offer our range of digital marketing bootcamps FREE of charge to residents of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, thanks to the introduction of the regions new digital bootcamps. Digital Bootcamps are a Government initiative designed to give individuals and employers alike the opportunity to build up their digital skills and develop their future opportunities. 

Within the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire region, digital marketing has been identified by employers as one of the key skills gaps that needs to be addressed. The bootcamps we have designed have been done with this in mind, so if you are looking to develop your digital marketing skills or maybe start a career in digital marketing then one of our bootcamps will be for you.


The Programme Units.

Delivered remotely through our e-learning platform over a 12 week period, each pathway has three units to complete, and depending on the pathway chosen the addition of a Google Analytics qualification. Furthermore, all participants on programme will have access to their own digital marketing expert who will support them through 4 x 1 hour long one to one sessions.



Adwords, PPC & SEO

This unit looks at Adwords, SEO & PPC advertising. participants will explore the main SEO principles both historic and present. We focus on the similarities & differences between Adwords, SEO & PPC and understand how theses tactics fit into a marketing plan.


Analytics & Metrics

The analytics and metrics module looks at the importance of data within a digital marketing role. Students will understand the difference between vanity data and valuable data and work their way through various digital analytical tools.

Digital Sales

Planning Digital Campaigns

This module is focused on the skills required to effectively plan digital campaigns and how to deploy them. We will also look how past activity and results informs future decisions and what ultimately makes a successful campaign.

Maximising Digital Channels

Maximising Digital Channels

This unit will explore the features and benefits of different marketing communication channels and how to chose the most appropriate ones for your target markets.


Social Selling

This unit will look at how to use social channels to develop sales opportunities, and which of the social channels available to you ,will be the most appropriate for your business. 




Digital Marketing Bootcamp Pathways.

Digital Marketing (A)

Beginner - Pathway

Digital Marketing (B)

Intermediate- Pathway

Digital Sales

Digital Leader

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