Every business needs leaders. They’re the heartbeat of an operation, invaluable to providing strategic direction and play a crucial role in motivating the rest of their team.

If you have plans to move into a leadership role at your business, you’ll need to develop some essential skills to help you get there. By doing so, there are many benefits you and the organisation you work for will enjoy. 

We’ll outline some of these additional benefits in this blog for you.


  1. What Are the Benefits For You?
  2. What Are the Benefits For Your Business?




Most people want to climb the ladder in their business. It’s only natural you want to see routes for progression, take on more responsibilities and feel that you’re being rewarded for your hard work.

Of course, taking on a management role means you’ll probably feel more pressure at times. You’re expected to deliver results and make sure everyone in your team is enjoying their work, too.

However, you can expect many benefits from developing leadership skills and taking on more responsibility at your workplace.


We work to earn money and advance in our careers by picking up new skills. So, it’s a nice feeling when you’re given a pay rise as a reward for your efforts. The cost of living in the UK is at the highest it’s been in nearly 30 years and most of us are looking for ways to maximise our income.

By developing leadership skills and moving into a management role, it’s likely you’ll see a positive impact on your salary and potentially enjoy extra perks, such as bonuses.



As a leader in your business, you’ll be responsible for delivering results and making sure your team flourish in their job roles.

Of course, this might be testing at times, but you’ll most certainly feel a strong sense of accomplishment when everything is moving in the right direction.

Your decisions can have a real impact in a management position. You’ll have more of a say when it comes to business-critical matters and contributing to the overall success of an operation.



Once you’ve started to develop specific leadership skills and moved into a management role, the opportunities become endless.

This is a real chance for you to shine. You’ll work more closely with senior members of the team and if you go about your business in the right way, you have a great chance to impress them and naturally take on more responsibilities as the operation grows.

Leadership and management



Developing leadership skills isn’t only beneficial for you, but the business you work for, too. By offering opportunities for growth and development, employees will feel more engaged in their work and have a sense of value.


By investing in staff and helping them develop leadership skills, businesses are offering their workforce a sense of purpose. According to a recent study, this is one of the most effective ways to retain employees.

The job market is competitive. As the UK skills gap continues to widen, businesses are cranking up their efforts to poach the best talent.

Therefore, it’s imperative for businesses to invest in their employees and ensure they’re provided with suitable training and development opportunities.



Businesses with a more qualified management workforce and a dedicated programme for management development are more likely to perform better.

Those in management positions will be better equipped to adopt innovative strategies and improve quality across the business. This level of quality will also drip feed through the ranks, as teams will feel more inspired and confident by working with a highly skilled management team.


Higher levels of productivity

Every business wants to build a productive workforce and investing resources into staff development is one of the best ways to make it happen.

It’s believed that employees who are allowed to engage in “major decision-making” are often more efficient and productive in their job roles. 

By offering growth opportunities, your staff are more likely to feel a sense of belonging and put in the extra effort to help your business meet its goals.



The benefits of developing staff into leaders can be felt across every corner of a business. However, to make sure people learn the right skills and feel confident in taking that next big step, it’s always worth working with an established training partner.

Here at Ascento, we offer a range of leadership and management programmes that can be tailored to your business and help you elevate your workforce.

To learn more about the programmes, what they involve and the benefits they can offer to both you and your employees, download a copy of our brochure below.

Leadership and management

Oliver Simpson

Written by Oliver Simpson