Meet Nicola Charlesworth

Our Head of Management School Here at Ascento

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How Long Have You Worked at Ascento?

I’ve worked for the company since 2019 but found my vocation for teaching and education in 2014.


What Did You Do Before Working for Ascento?

I worked in retail for many years as a Manager for TK Maxx alongside running a small retail business. However, I needed to find a role that was more suitable to find around my family at home. 

Also, I realised my passion for altruistic leadership was taking me down another path as helping to train, teach and inspire others is what I enjoy the most.


What Do You Enjoy About Your Role?

I love working in this field because every day is a school day. Although we’re the tutors, I feel I’m always learning something new and my learners through their experiences are my teachers.

No amount of textbook knowledge has made me good at my job. It has been the learning I have done listening to others and their experiences that have taught me the most.

Their experiences have given me interesting and useful insights into different sectors, roles, management structures and management models, which in turn are often optimised, reviewed and maximised by the course and our mentorship within their working lives.


What Do You Like to Get Up Outside of Work?

Outside of work, I’m a mother of 4 boys and 2 dogs and, yes, I’m completely outnumbered! I love being outside, but my favourite place has to be on the beach. As a family, we love to spend any free time during the summer in the water, bodyboarding, paddleboarding and wild swimming — and the dogs love it also.

My life is busy and hectic, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Nicola Charlesworth 500 x 500

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