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A little bit about Matt

Hey, my names Matt Casbolt and I’m a Digital Marketing Tutor here at Ascento. As part of the Digital School, my role sees me teach, develop and empower a wide range of leaners in order for them to advance in their roles going forward.

I have a wide and varied background in marketing, from leading marketing operations within the events industry, to roles within the education sector and more recently management roles within a digital marketing agency. I also continue to volunteer at the charity Mind within their national media department.

As marketers our industry has probably altered more than most over the past few years. It’s vitally important we stay at the forefront of the ever changing digital landscape and embrace emerging technologies.

This is where my love of big data and how to harness it comes in. Harvesting the right data and in turn successfully strategising and utilising these key insights to provide tailored and genuinely engaging content directly to intended targets, is vital in order to make marketing output as accessible and interesting as possible. Even more so in order to stand out from competitors in such a fast paced and heavily saturated market.

The question I often go back to time and time again is ‘why are we doing this?’, and if the answer is more often than not ‘because that’s what the data is telling us’ then your campaign should be on the right course for success.

Talking of standing out from the crowd, I’m incredibly proud of the work we do here at Ascento. The quality of teaching is first rate, and the desire from all of us to see our learners acquire a wide range of practical and tangible skills that will allow them to flourish within their roles and drive forward their individual organisations is a great honour to be part of.

Away from the world of marketing, you’ll more often than not find me rambling across the Peak District with my terrier Dolly. If not there, I can be found on the terraces at Bramall Lane or watching a gig somewhere.

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