Level 3 Digital Marketing Programme

The Level 3 Digital Marketing programme is a 15 month programme that has been designed to create and nurture the next generation of digital marketers. Throughout the programme we cover a broad range of digital marketing disciplines that will give the students a solid foundation to grow their careers. Students not only understand the theory of digital marketing but will also develop their practical skills in each of the disciplines that they can apply in their job roles.
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Programme Induction (1 day)

This first session will provide delegates with a full induction to the 15 month programme. It will outline student expectations, programme content and the assessment requirements for the programme. Students will meet their tutors and be introduced to their first assignment.

On a 1:1 basis we will examine the current strengths of learners and areas for development, and develop a learning plan for them to utilise throughout the whole programme.

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Marketing Principles and The Customer Lifecycle (2 days)

This first session has been designed to give delegates an understanding of the key principles of marketing and how this applies in a digital context. We will look at the importance of the customer lifecycle and how to identify personas. The knowledge developed here will be used and re-enforced throughout the rest of the programme when looking at specific areas of digital marketing.

Throughout the two days students will cover:

  • 7 P’s of marketing
  • B2B Relationships
  • B2C Relationships
  • Market Segmentation
  • The Customer Acquisition Process
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Marketing Planning & Strategy (2 days)

One of the most important aspects of the programme is the planning and strategy unit. A hands on two days where delegates will look at the main components of digital marketing and social media strategies. Students will understand how digital and social media strategies fit together to meet business objectives and will leave the sessions with a tool kit that they can use in their roles.

Throughout out the two days students will cover:

  • Setting Targets
  • ROI and Reporting
  • The Importance of Teams
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Budgeting and the hidden costs
  • The Importance of KPI’s
  • Understanding the differences of and the segmentation of audiences
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Search Engine Marketing & Search Engine Optimisation (1 day)

This one day programme looks at search engine marketing and search engine optimisation. We look at the similarities and the differences between the two as well as looking at overall strategy and how you build and manage campaigns effectively. We look at the latest developments with the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s) and how these impact upon digital marketing strategies.

Throughout the day students will cover:

  • Google and other SERP’s
  • The future of search
  • SEO best practice
  • On page and Off Page SEO
  • Paid vs Organic
  • Keywords and Keyword Research
  • Link Building Strategies
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Analytics & Metrics (1 day)

Throughout this hands on and interactive one day session we will look at the importance of having reliable and accurate tracking and reporting attached to all of your digital marketing activities. We look and experiment with the major analytic tools and how these can be used to manage budgets, increase engagement, report on key metrics and increase the user experience.

Throughout the 1 day workshop we will cover:

  • Click Through Rates
  • Interpreting tracking data and recommending actions
  • Setting Goals
  • Google Analytics and Other Reporting Tools
  • Real Time Data
  • Key Metrics
  • A/B testing and Reporting
  • Benchmarking
  • ROI
  • Best Practice
My time with ascento has been an incredible step into the world of digital marketing. I have gained an invaluable insight of marketing from both my monthly workshops and working for Nest.co.uk as an apprentice. My monthly workshops explored each different part of digital marketing and have given me a range of knowledge that I will be able to put into practise throughout my career in digital marketing. I have gained a huge amount of knowledge in relation to creating copy and using social media channels from my workshops, which has allowed me to produce my own work that is displayed on the Nest.co.uk website and social channels - it’s a proud feeling to know my own work is displayed on the front end of our website for all our customers to see!

Olivia Betts Nest.co.uk

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Digital Marketing Apprentice - Olivia Betts
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Content Marketing (1 day)

A highly engaging one day workshop packed with practical exercises. Students will by the end of the session understand the importance and value of content marketing to all organisations. We will look at what makes content great, what you need for and how to plan a content campaign, the importance of relevancy and originality in content and the importance of targeting content to segmented audiences.

Throughout the day students will cover:

  • Content Planning
  • Content Formats (Blogs, Video, Podcasts, Webinars E-books, White papers and more)
  • Copywriting Skills
  • Proof Reading
  • Increasing Engagement
  • Leveraging Content
  • Content Best Practice
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Pay Per Click (1 day)

In this one day session we look at pay per click and how this fits into a digital marketing strategy. We look at the main paid for channels and platforms and which ones are the most appropriate. We look at A/B testing and  how to use PPC effectively, and manage campaigns to get the best return on investment.

Throughout the workshop learners will cover:

  • Paid for Channels
  • Budgeting
  • Keywords and Negative Keywords
  • Click Through Rates
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Campaign Management
  • ROI
  • A/B Testing
  • Best Practice
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Email Marketing (1 day)

This one day workshop gives students an insight into Email Marketing and how to build a strong and successful email strategy. We look at creating highly targeted relevant campaigns to segmented audiences that have been identified and nurtured. Throughout the day we will look at the best tools available to manage campaigns and report on their success.

Throughout the workshop learners will cover:

  • Email formats
  • A/B Testing
  • Key email metrics - bounce rates, open rates etc
  • List building techniques
  • The best tools for email marketing
  • Legalities and ethics or email
  • Email Marketing Best Practice
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Social Media and The Big 6 ( 1 day)

This one day highly interactive and practical workshop focuses on the 6 major social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Pinterest) . Throughout the day we will understand the social media landscape, what the impact of social media engagement for brands is and the importance of having a strong strategy and plan in place. Learners will look at all of the channels individually and develop an understanding of their strengths, weaknesses and appropriateness for their organisations.

Throughout the workshop learners will cover:

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Campaigns and optimising campaigns
  • Techniques for building audience
  • Brand Reputation
  • Setting objectives and KPI’s
  • Social Listening
  • Identifying Influencers
  • Social Media Best Practice
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Coding 101 (1 day)

This 1 day session is a mandatory part of the programme for all learners who are not taking the MTA HTML 5 or CIW - Site development Associate additional qualification. The workshop will allow attendees to understand the principles and practical application of HTML, Java and CSS. A practical session with lots of hands on activities, learners will have a developed a strong foundation for them to build from.

At the end of the day learners will:

  • Understand and have an awareness of HTML, Java and CSS
  • Understand the compatibility of code on different platforms
  • Understand the components to make the web work
  • Understand and have an appreciation of logic
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Ethics & Legalities (1 day)

Although covered throughout the programme in relation to the separate units, this one day unit will bring all of the ethics and legalities of digital marketing together. Delivered in a way that engages the students, this workshop will give students the ability to understand, recognise and avoid the various legal pitfalls that may apply to their job role.

Throughout the workshop we will cover amongst other things:

  • Data Protection
  • Copyright
  • Intellectual Property
  • Email Opt in and Out
  • Asset security
  • The importance of following organisational policies and procedures relating to information security