Our Level 3 Digital Marketing Programme has been designed to give you the key skills to further your marketing career and grow your skills.


Level 3 Digital Marketing Programme

The Level 3 Digital Marketer programme is perfect for individuals who have between 0-2 years of experience in a digital marketing role. They will typically be working as part of a team, in which they will have responsibility for some of the elements of the overall marketing plan or campaign.

Start Dates.

All of our programmes can be started straight away, so there is no waiting around for the next enrolment date to come around.

Programme Duration

12-15 months.

Ascento Learning Platform

Full access to the Ascento Learning Platform, with 100's of additional courses available to you free of charge.

One to One Consultancy

Monthly 2 hour consultancy sessions with your personal Digital Marketing expert.

L4 CIM Award in Digital Marketing

Included as part of the level 3 programme you will also have the opportunity to complete the Level 4 CIM award in Digital Marketing.

Cost Effective Pricing

With 95% of the course cost funded by the government, pricing starts at just £55 per month  over 12 months for non-levy paying employers.


Level 3 Digital Marketer modules

Below you will find a short introduction to the modules that we cover throughout the Level 3 Digital Marketer programme...

Marketing Principles & The Customer Lifecycle

This module has been designed to provide students with a solid foundation and knowledge of all things marketing and how these techniques transcend into the digital world.

Marketing Planning & Strategy

This module looks at one of the most important aspects of any digital marketing role; how to plan content and create a marketing strategy. This is a hands on module where students work through the SOSTAC model in its entirety.

Search Engine Optimisation & Pay Per Click

This module looks at SEO & PPC advertising. Learners will explore the main SEO principles both historic and present. We focus on the similarities & differences between SEO & PPC and understand how theses tactics fit into a marketing plan.

Analytics & Metrics

The analytics and metrics module looks at the importance of data within a digital marketing role. Students will understand the difference between vanity data and valuable data and work their way through various digital analytical tools.

Email Marketing

This module provides students with an insight into email marketing and the culture of how organisations use this format to engage. Students are taught how to build a strong and successful email strategy by understanding variances in the types of messages sent.

Brand Development

Our brand development module looks at the principles behind brand development. We focus on the consistency of brand throughout campaigns, ensuring each student can present their organisation in the most appropriate method in the public eye.

Principles of Coding

This module is a mandatory part of the programme and provides learners with the knowledge needed in order to thrive in a digital role. We will explore the practical application of key coding languages including HTNL and CSS.





Our level 3 digital marketer programme is end point assessed by BCS the Chartered Institute for IT.

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Download a copy of our Level 3 Digital Marketing Programme Guide.


Download a programme guide

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