Meet Jack Hawksworth

Our Head of Marketing School at Ascento

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How Long Have You Worked at Ascento?

I’ve been involved with apprenticeships and Ascento for over five years now, but there was quite a journey that got me here in the first place.


What Did You Do Before Working for Ascento?

I’ve had various marketing roles, ranging from being a Social Media Manager, a Website Manager, a Content Creator and I’ve also ran an online magazine for five years. All of these experiences have provided me with an opportunity to find and show my passion within marketing, and that passion, first and foremost, is content.


What Do You Enjoy About Your Role?

The variety of companies I work with is ever changing and ever evolving, and that means two things: Firstly, no two days are the same. Secondly, the number of industries I get to experience and assist continues to grow, and for me that is my ultimate goal – to impact the apprentice and their organisation.

I’m delighted and extremely proud to look back on the people I’ve worked with so far, and I’m thrilled and excited to look forward to working with those I’ve not yet met.


What Can Learners Expect From Working With You?

I like to build a good relationship with everyone I work with. I can offer much more personalised guidance if I understand your business and your learning style, I’m also keen to share my own experiences to help apprentices understand why I might make a certain recommendation. I’m a big believer that there is no ‘right’ method (although there may be a wrong one!) and actually what we should aim to achieve isn’t the ‘right way to do this’ but ‘your own unique way to do this’.

I’d like to think I’ve helped a fair few people find their own unique methods.


What Does a Typical Day Look Like in Your Role?

It’s difficult to pin point a ‘typical’ day as the contents of the day are always changing. However, there are a few constants… firstly, I can’t start without a morning coffee, once that’s in the system we’re good to go. My days then consist of working with colleagues on learning materials and resources or potentially meeting with apprentices and their employers through our bespoke coaching sessions and our quarterly progression reviews, it is in these meetings where I am able to build great relationships and share my expertise along the way.


What Do You Like to Get Up Outside of Work?

Away from work, you’ll probably find me on a golf course, I’ll either be playing or photographing. Some days I’m actually quite good, most days I’m not. If I’m not on the golf course, my colleagues will probably tell you that I’m busy buying yet another pair of trainers, which isn’t too far from the truth as my background of running the online magazine meant that I threw myself deep into understanding the men’s clothing industry and I just so happened to find a love for footwear. I won’t shock you with how many pairs I own, we can save that for a later date too. Maybe.

So, without keeping you here all day I guess that’s me. I have a passion for content, branding, golf and trainers. I don’t think a truer sentence has ever been written about me.

Jack Hawksworth 500 x 500

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