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a skills bootcamp to level up your career

A genuinely wholesome experience...the environment was so positive everyone felt motivated going through it
Josh Baker
Games Industry Bootcamp Paticipant
It has been incredible learning opportunity across the board … from tutors in production, QA, writing, etc
Peter Nelson
Games Industry Bootcamp Participant
The bootcamp was an awesome opportunity to meet passionate people working in video games, learn about different disciplines and career paths
Martyna Tomaszewska
Games Industry Bootcamp Participant
The guest professionals have made a huge impact on the way I have written my CV and interview confidence
Theo Ellard
Games Industry Bootcamp Participant
A good opportunity to learn more about the games industry, different jobs within the industry and have access to devs and other industry professionals
Emma Murdy
Games Industry Bootcamp Participant
The chance to connect with professionals in the industry was invaluable, and I appreciate the effort put into creating a supportive and collaborative environment for all participants
Ufuoma Aluya
Games Industry Bootcamp Participant
I would advise new people looking to get into the games industry to join the bootcamps
Chris Bent
Games Industry Bootcamp Participant
The bootcamp has been fun, challenging and exactly what I needed to give me a push into the games industry
Jo Robertson
Games Industry Bootcamp Participant
The course has enlightened me to the skills and knowledge to start a career in an industry I have been passionate about since I first played Pokemon Red
John Ding
Games Industry Bootcamp Participant
A good eye-opener and great motivator for me as I prepare myself for a full-time career
CJ Ofulue
Games Industry Bootcamp Participant
I'm so glad I joined and learnt how to progress my skills!
Joe Wilson
Games Industry Bootcamp Participant
The live projects have been a great way to build my confidence in responding to briefs as well as pitching/presenting ideas
Emily Williams
Games Industry Bootcamp Participant
I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it
John Hulett
Games Industry Bootcamp Participant

Are you ready to embark on an epic journey towards a career in the video games industry?


Look no further! Our Skills Bootcamp for the Video Games Industry, delivered part-time over six weeks, is your ticket to turning your passion into a successful profession. Join us for an immersive programme designed with insights from top studios across the country. Unlock your potential as we cover game development, industry insights and more, ensuring you're fully prepared to enter the exciting world of video games. Don't let this golden opportunity slip away. Sign up now and brace yourself for a transformative experience. Get ready to level up your career and unleash your true gaming potential.

The adventure awaits...

Course Outline

Games Industry 101
An introduction to the Video Games Industry
Weeks 1 & 2
We’ll introduce you to the games industry, types of company and key commercial relationships, the basics of developing and delivering a game from scratch, marketing in the industry and engaging communities of players.
Ensuring Quality
An introduction to Quality Assurance
Week 3 & 4
Throughout weeks 3 & 4 we will look at the principles of quality testing, bug tracking and reporting and ethics in gaming, with special insight into development of your ‘soft’, or essential skills in communication, collaboration, leadership and time management.
Career Progression
Making yourself stand out to the Video Games Industry
Weeks 5 & 6
Over the final two weeks of the programme we’ll continue growing your power to progress a new career, helping you create a top class portfolio, CV and LinkedIn profile and making presentations to studios of your new skills as a marketer and QA tester - honed in special live projects.

Course Timetable

Monday / Tuesday
18:00 - 20:00
Mandatory session hosted on Zoom where leading industry professionals share their insight and experience into games, their production, job roles and responsibilities
18:00 - 20:00
A second session hosted on Zoom in collaboration with leading games industry professionals, plus briefing sessions and support for your CV, creating a LinkedIn profile, portfolio or showreel
Monday - Thursday
20:00 - 22:00
Open Learning Session
Across each week there will be a daily a 2 hour open session hosted through Discord, where you will receive personal support from our lead tutor on your bootcamp experience and learning
11:00 - 17:00
Live Studio Project
Hands-on experience in games marketing, design and testing in projects set by studios and leading professionals. Work as a group, create slide or video presentations and share it with a studio in a follow-up midweek session. Great material to support your CV, LinkedIn and social media profile




  • Age Requirement: Must be over 19 years old
  • Employment Status: Open to self-employed individuals, unemployed individuals, those employed with support from their employer (employer contribution required), and those employed without support from their current employer (no employer contribution required)
  • Funding: Government funding, eligible individuals can benefit from the fully funded governments Skills Bootcamp initiative


  • Self-employed participants will gain the skills they need to explore and seize new opportunities to grow their business.
  • Employed participants (with employer support) can expect either a new role or expanded responsibilities in their current role where their newly acquired skills will be put to use
  • Employed participants (without employer support) are guaranteed an interview with an employer that is looking to recruit for a role where their new skills are required.
  • Unemployed participants are also guaranteed an interview with a potential employer where their newly developed skills will be used.

Interested in finding out more?

Please complete our expression of interest form below and a member of our Skills Bootcamp team will be in touch with you shortly to give you as much information as you need.

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