Remote Education Policy.

JGW Training Ltd t/a Ascento Learning & Development - 2 Dronfield Court, Wards Yard, Dronfield, S18 1NQ.

Effective from 18/01/2021


We are committed to ensuring that all learners on programme with JGW Training Limited t/a Ascento Learning & Development continue to receive a high quality learning experience that delivers on expanding their knowledge skills and behaviours in a remote setting where this is dictated either by national circumstance or through localised lock down.

Remote learning & support.

All of our learning programmes have now been transferred across to our online learning platform (ALP) where you can access the relevant modules for your programmes.

Should you have problems accessing the remote learning platform please contact your tutor who will be able to help

We will continue to carry out 1:1 coaching and mentoring sessions alongside your periodical reviews alongside your employer;  as a standard we use Microsoft Teams to conduct all face to face remote sessions, however should this not be compatible with your systems  we do have the flexibility that will allow us should the circumstances dictate to move across to a different platforms.

Assessment arrangements.

End Point Assessment is still continuing to happen for all of our courses, depending on who the End Point Assessment organisation is will dictate the changes that have been made. All information pertaining to End Point Assessment will be provided to you by your tutor, alternatively please email should you need further information.

Specialist Equipment.

The use of specialist equipment is not a requirement for any of  the programmes we currently deliver, however should this change  we will make provision for this and make the necessary amendments to this policy.

Student Accessibility.

Should students not have access to devices or the connectivity that will enable them to carry on with their learning discussions will need to take place with their employer to remedy this situation.


Safeguarding remains a key priority and as such should you have a safeguarding concern please report this to our safeguarding officer Tracy Stevenson - or by calling 01246 292450