A Place Where Senior Leaders Can Grow and Learn, Together.


Are you looking to provide your staff with the opportunity to pursue the next stage of growth in their career? If so, this Level 7 CMI Senior Leader programme could be the perfect opportunity.


L7 Strategic Management Programme Guide

One to One Consultancy

Our experts will support your staff throughout the course. Should they have a problem or need guidance in a particular area, our team will only be a quick email away.

A CMI Partner

The endpoint assessment organisation for your qualification is the Chartered Management Institute.

How Much Does the Course Cost?

With the government funding 95% of the programme, pricing is just £700 for non-levy paying employers.


What’s Covered In the Course?


Strategic Management

The strategic management module will start to get you to look at the strategic direction of the business and your area of responsibility. This will be in line with the board (or equivalent) and support you in encouraging employees to buy into the organisation's vision.

Leading Innovation & Change

Mandatory Unit

This module will address how to lead and influence agreed on projects to deliver organisational strategies such as change and agile transformation programmes, diversification, new product implementation, and customer experience improvement.

Developing Business Strategies

This module will proactively keep you up to date with social, economic and technological trends and developments relevant to your area of responsibility and the wider organisation. It will look at how you can promote innovation, address changing requirements and take advantage of new opportunities.

Strategic Resource Management

This module will look at supporting you to make decisions about organisational resources requirements such as budgets, people and technology based on strategic insight and reliable evidence. It will give you knowledge about financial strategies, the application of economic theory to decision-making and how to evaluate financial and non-financial information.


Here’s a Little More About the End Point Assessment



Our Level 7 Senior Leader  Programme is assessed by the Chartered Management Institute , reassuring students and employers that a world-renowned and recognised body stands behind the eventual gradings.


Want to Learn More About the Programme and What’s in it For You?


Download a programme guide


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