Our Level 7 Strategic Management programme has been designed to give senior leaders the strategic understanding to help their organisations flourish.


Level 7 Strategic Management Programme

This Level 7 CMI Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership has been designed for individuals wishing to develop professional management and leadership practice, and who will have the knowledge, skills and behaviours to drive business activities in a senior leadership and management role. The qualification has been designed for practising or aspiring managers in roles such as: CEO, Director, Senior Manager

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Programme Duration

24 months.

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Monthly 2 hour consultancy sessions with your personal Strategic Management expert.

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The End Point Assessment organisation for your qualification is the Chartered Management Institute.

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This programme can only be funded on a commercial basis. Our pricing starts as low as £241 per month over 12 months.


Level 7 Strategic Management Modules

Below you will find a short introduction to the modules that we cover throughout the Level 7 Strategic Management programme...

Strategic Leadership


The aim of this unit is to equip leaders with an in-depth understanding of strategic leadership within an organisational context. Leaders will explore the complexities of the role and the theoretical perspectives, approaches, behaviours and skills which can enhance their professional practice. The unit focuses on the leaders ability to respond creatively to complex organisational challenges and understand how to set and deliver sustainable strategic goals.

Leading & Developing People

Mandatory Unit

The aim of this unit is for leaders to develop an in-depth understanding of how to effectively lead and develop people. they will explore the influence and impact of leadership theories, culture, well-being, development, design, policy and strategy that can be used creatively within the leadership role. Ultimately, leaders will have the opportunity to propose a leadership and development strategy. The aim of which values people whilst optimising an organisation's performance.

Finance for Strategic Leaders

Mandatory Unit

The aim of this unit is to provide leaders with an understanding of the scope, complexity and role of Finance within an organisational context. Leaders will know how to critically assess methods for analysing financial data and information required to make strategic decisions. Ultimately, the aim of this unit is to equip leaders to be more confident in their understanding of the Finance function.

Developing Organisational Strategy


The aim of this unit is to enable leaders to know how to develop and influence an organisations strategic direction through the development of a meaningful strategy. To support this outcome, leaders will critique the factors which drive the development of organisational strategy and appraise approaches to successfully develop strategy. The unit culminates in leaders developing an organisational strategy to achieve a business goal. To complement this activity, leaders will propose an approach to implement and monitor the strategy developed to ensure its sustained success.

Coaching Skills for Leaders

Optional Unit

This unit focuses on the specific coaching skills, techniques and approaches that are required by leaders to develop the knowledge, skills and resourcefulness of individuals. It focuses on the benefits and types of coaching used by leaders in different contexts and how the application of coaching impacts in the organisational environment. A key part of this unit is for leaders to critically reflect on their own ability to coach individuals and identify opportunities for improvement. In order to achieve this, learners will need to use coaching skills in their leadership practice.

Leading Strategic Change

Optional Unit

The aim of this unit is for leaders to understand the scope, context and complexity of leading strategic change. Leaders will understand how the application of analytical techniques, theories and models of change, and creative problem solving can be used to equip them to lead strategic change with confidence. The unit culminates in giving leaders the opportunity to develop a proposal to lead a strategic change in the organisation.


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Our Level 7 Strategic Management & Leadership programme is accredited by the Chartered Management Institute, giving students and employers the reassurance that a world renowned and recognised body stands behind the qualification. Upon successful completion of the programme students have the ability to claim Chartered Manager status.


Download a copy of our Level 7 Strategic Management Programme Guide.


Download a programme guide


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