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Level 6 Marketing Manager Programme

The Level 6 Marketing Manager programme is suitable for individuals with existing marketing experience and who are responsible for the marketing activities and strategy of their organisation. From overseeing the marketing budget, planning and implementing campaigns to tracking their success and reporting back to senior management. They have a strategic focus, ensuring that marketing activities align to brand guidelines and shape business needs and objectives and deliver a return on investment.

Start Dates

All of our programmes can be started straight away, so there is no waiting around for the next enrolment date to come around.

Programme Duration

20 months.

Ascento Learning Platform

Full access to the Ascento Learning Platform, with 100's of additional courses available to you free of charge.

One to One Consultancy

Monthly 2 hour consultancy sessions with your personal Marketing Manager expert.

CIM Partner

The End Point Assessment organisation for your qualification is the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Cost Effective Pricing

With 95% of the course cost funded by the government, pricing starts at just £45 per month over 12 months for non-levy paying employers.


Level 6 Marketing Manager Modules

Below you will find a short introduction to the modules that we cover throughout the Level 6 marketing manager programme...

Marketing Concepts & Theories

This module will build upon your current understanding and practical application of marketing concepts and theories within your role. This will include; brand perception, consumer and organisational theories, customer relationship management as well as exploring effective budgeting methodologies and communication planning models.

Service Delivery & Improvement

This module will develop your skills in relation to service delivery and improvement from a marketing perspective. We'll look at the range of tools you have at your disposal that will enable you to build key performance indicators into your marketing activities and projects. We'll then look at how these are reviewed and the frequency at which this should happen to enable you to identify friction points that have the potential to cause adverse effects on your plans.

Product & Service Development

This module explores how product and service design can be influenced through the in-depth understanding of your target markets. We'll look at portfolio management techniques and develop key strategies for managing this. We'll move on to look at the key benefits and features of a variety of marketing communication methods and the appropriate digital platforms for distribution routes to market.

Marketing Strategy

This unit will look to expand on your existing levels of proficiency, and position you so that you can develop, lead and implement successful marketing strategies and plans across your organisation moving forwards, whilst understanding the importance of linking the marketing strategy to the overall business goals and objectives.

Research & Insight

This module will look at a variety of proven and effective market research tools and methodologies as well as evaluation techniques that can be used to procure high quality, accurate results that can in turn inform and dictate marketing activity, planning and strategy.

Planning & Analysing

This module is focused on the skills required to effectively evaluate past marketing activities, using measurement data and analytics embedded within your marketing plans and campaigns, it will also look at how the analysis of previous campaigns and their results can inform and develop future planning activity in a more concentrated and predictable manner. We'll look at the key tools available to you both digitally and non-digitally to collect the necessary data, how to interpret the collected data and information, and, how you can identify and create the critical KPI’s to inform your analysis and decision making process in the future.


In this module, we will explore the differences between being a leader and a manager, we will look at a variety of leadership styles and models and how these change based on individuals characteristics. We will look at how leaders and role models in your past affect the way that you act and think as a leader in the present. As a leader you will not only know the principles of managing individuals and teams, but you will understand approaches for supporting, motivating and inspiring teams and individuals to exceed expectations.

Commercial Approaches

This module is built around increasing your knowledge, skills and behaviours when it comes to applying a commercial approach to your day to day activities.We will explore how you can utilise the information you have available to you, to identify, research and scope out potential new opportunities including new markets, products or services that have the potential to lead to increased revenue generation.We will also look at how you can use data to support your findings whilst presenting them as a strong and cohesive business case, where risks have been identified and mitigated.


End Point Assessment



Our level 6 marketing manager programme is assessed by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, giving students and employers the reassurance that a world renowned and recognised body stands behind the eventual gradings.


Download a copy of our Level 6 Marketing Manager Programme Guide.


Download a programme guide


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