Providing a Clear Pathway for Managers Looking to Take the Next Step in Their Career.


There are certain skills a manager needs to possess to become a leader at their business. Our Level 5 Operational Management Programme can provide them with all the direction and guidance they need to make it happen.


L5 Operational Management Programme Guide

Start Dates

Your staff can start all of our programmes straight away. They won’t need to worry about waiting around for the next enrolment date.

How Long Does the Course Go on For?

24 months in total. We’ll cover each of our modules over a couple of months.

Access to Our Learning Platform

All learners will receive full access to our innovative learning platform and be supplied with 100’s additional courses.

One to One Consultancy

Our experts will support your staff throughout the course. Should they have a problem or need guidance in a particular area, our team will only be a quick email away.

A CMI Partner

The endpoint assessment organisation for the qualification is the Chartered Management Institute.

How Much Does the Course Cost?

With the government funding 95% of the course, pricing starts at just £350 for non-levy paying employers.


What’s Covered in the Course?

Delivered remotely through our e-learning platform over a 12-week period, each pathway has three units to complete. During the programme, learners will also have access to your own digital marketing expert who’ll support them through two one-to-one sessions.

Managing People

Your staff may already be in a role that involves managing staff. However, to accelerate into a senior position at your business and become a leader, there are new skills they’ll need to develop. In this module, we’ll focus on areas such as developing staff and being able to recruit new team members effectively.

Self Management

Business leaders should know the best ways to manage themselves as well as the people around them. This module will cover areas such as effective time management, embracing new learning styles and also teaching your staff how to avoid time bandits and other types of distractions.

Building Relationships

Whether it’s developing strong bonds within a team or building a relationship with a key stakeholder, this skill is key for anyone looking to become a senior member of a team. Here, we’ll teach candidates how to deal with difficult situations, prevent conflict and become a solution finder within your business.

Financial & Budgetary Management

In this module, we’ll explore business finance terminology, and how financial and budgetary control is paramount in planning as well as monitoring and fulfilling operational and project strategies.


Here’s a Little More About the End Point Assessment



Our Level 5 Operational Management Programme is assessed by the Chartered Management Institute, giving students and employers the reassurance that a world-renowned and recognised body stands behind the eventual gradings.


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Although I am not far into the course, it has already taught me about myself. I’ve learnt so much more about self-awareness and communication that I didn’t realise about. It has made me reflect on me as a person. I didn’t know what to expect from the course initially and it’s given me time to reflect and understand how to change, adapt and be more effective as a Manager.
Equity Release Expert
Maddie Butler
Equity Release Manager

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