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Level 4 Marketing Executive Programme

The Level 4 Marketing Executive programme is ideally suited to individuals who have either already completed the Level 3 Digital Marketing Programme, or have at least 18 months experience from working within a marketing team. The individual will contribute to the implementation of the marketing strategy and plans. They will be responsible for delivering day-to-day marketing activities across a multitude of platforms, channels and systems that are essential to the marketing function and activities of the company.

Start dates

All of our programmes can be started straight away so there is no waiting around for the next enrolment date to come around.

Programme Duration

15 months.

Ascento Learning Platform

Full access to the Ascento Learning Platform, with 100's of additional courses available to you free of charge.

One to One Consultancy.

Monthly 2 hour consultancy sessions with your personal marketing expert.

CIM Partner

The End Point Assessment organisation for your qualification is the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Cost Effective Pricing

With 95% of the course cost funded by the government, pricing starts at just £30 per month  over 12 months for non-levy paying employers.


Level 4 Marketing Executive Modules

Below you will find a short introduction to the modules we cover throughout the Level 4 Marketing Executive programme...

Marketing Concepts & Theories

The opening module has been designed to reflect on marketing theories already known to the student, we will look at aspects such as the Marketing Mix, Product Development, Brand Positioning and Customer Relationship Management.

Commercial Awareness

This module will further explore the key principles of marketing whilst introducing the importance of research. Students will further explore branding by considering how vision and values can impact upon marketing material. They will be introduced to the importance of audience profiles and personas, whilst also exploring ethical and legal considerations for marketing output.

Market Research

The market research module introduces one of the most crucial techniques for any marketer; understanding how to effectively research competitors, audience and your own business will influence all future marketing decisions. This module covers how to complete a detailed competitor analysis, a SWOT analysis and how to effectively gather data that can be easily interpreted and used to the students advantage.

Maximising Products & Channels

This module will explore the various marketing channels that are available to the apprentice, this includes both digital and physical marketing. The apprentice will understand pros and cons to various channels before making their own decision on which channels would be appropriate for their business. The apprentice will also explore product development principles, where they will learn about how to extend their products and the theory behind doing so.

Creating Objectives

This module will focus on how to set objectives as part of an overall marketing strategy. The apprentice will learn how to use research findings to influence future goals, the principles behind SMART targets and how to set effective KPIs which measure staff performance. This will provide the apprentice with the necessary skills to influence or create marketing plans which align with an overall business strategy.

Communication Skills

The communication skills module follows on from the introduction of influencing a reader in the previous module. Here the apprentice learns about how to write for the web, paying attention to the different linguistic styles needed for a variety of platforms. They are introduced to copywriting essentials and how to use their communication skills when communicating with stakeholders. Finally this module looks at how to effectively present for a variety of purposes.

Project & Budget Management

This module looks at how to manage projects and will introduce tools which can assist in doing so. The apprentice will explore tools such as Gantt Charts and automated software used in Project Management. The apprentice will also explore how to manage a budget looking at methods of maximising the efficiency of marketing spend.

Evaluation & Analytics

The final module on the programme looks at evaluation and analytics, introducing analytical tools across Web and Social Media, with a live tutorial on Google Analytics. Crucially, the apprentice will also learn how to find patterns in data and how to use these patterns to drive future goals for their business.


End Point Assessment



Our level 4 marketing executive programme is assessed by Chartered Institute of Marketing, giving students and employers the reassurance that a world renowned and recognised body stands behind the eventual gradings.


Download a copy of our Level 4 Marketing executive Programme Guide.


Download a programme guide


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