Our level 3 Team Leading programme has been designed to give you the skills and confidence to take your first steps on the management ladder.


Level 3 Team Leading Programme

The Level 3 Team Leader programme is perfect for individuals who are in a first line management role and who have operational/project responsibilities or the responsibility for managing a team to deliver clearly defined outcomes.

Start Dates

All of our programmes can be started straight away so there is no waiting around for the next enrolment date to come around.

Programme Duration

12 months.

Ascento Learning Platform

Full access to the Ascento Learning Platform, with 100's of additional courses available to you free of charge.

One to One Consultancy

Monthly 2 hour consultancy sessions with your personal Team Leading expert.

CMI Partner

The End Point Assessment organisation for your qualification is the Chartered Management Institute.

Cost Effective Pricing

With 95% of the course cost funded by the government, pricing starts at just £22.50 per month over 12 months for non-levy paying employers.


Level 3 Team Leader Modules

Below you will find a short introduction to the modules we cover throughout the Level 3 Team Leader programme...

Management of Self

In this module, delegates will conclude their research and analysis into themselves as a manager and leader– find out which you are and why! Be guided in understanding how to use S.W.O.T and S.T.A.R. Explore time management techniques and learn how to avoid time bandits and other distractions. We delve into how to be self aware and understand inclusivity and unconscious bias, reflect on own performance and apply learning from feedback gained ,leading people, managing people, building relationships (Emotional Intelligence, Goleman, 1995), being inclusive without unconscious bias. understanding of the organisations strategy, culture, approaches to equality and diversity.

Project Management

In this module, you will explore your involvement in projects, the tools to be used and how to identify risks and mitigating factors. Reflecting on previous modules, where barriers are identified and relationships are built.

Managing People

During this module, you will explore the difference between a manager and a leader, debate how management styles have changed over the years and how these are adapted to industry in varying contexts. You will investigate how to use HR systems to support own processes, and the difficulties involved in the process. You will learn how to confidently apply your knowledge gained through exploring and trialling management models and theories in a safe environment, from Adair to Lewin and others in between.

Leading People

In this module, you will continue to explore the difference between a manager and a leader, also how role models in your past affect the way that you act and think as a manager in the now. You will present how the coaching that you have used over the previous month impacted your relationship with your team and how to build on this. The characteristics of a leader that will be explored, are the ability to identify and share good practice, inclusivity and a sense of purpose, shared goals and good practice, supportive, trusting, collaborative, cohesive, confident, knowledgeable, skilled, motivated, agile, accurate, developing, structured. You will go on to explore how the behaviours previously highlighted impact on your team and how to prepare for change. You will be directed to guided learning available on the CMI management direct website and accessible to you, as working towards a Chartered Management qualification.

Building Relationships

During this module, you will explore what building relationships means to you and your industry, who your stakeholders are and why. How to map stakeholders and why. Reflect back to difficult conversations), discuss how to prevent conflict and/or resolve rising issues by ‘nipping it in the bud’

Operational Management

In this module, you will be exploring strategic planning, how to analyse and input data securely and the contingency planning and processes needed to monitor and achieve business results. Let us help you decide how to find your place in the organisation, using theories from Adair, Ishikawa and Kaplan, into your company systems, to maximise your impact in the industry that you work within.





Our Level 3 team leader programme is assessed at its conclusion by the Chartered Management Institute, giving students and employers the reassurance that a world renowned and recognised body stands behind the qualification standards.


Download a copy of our Level 3 Team Leader Programme Guide.


Download a programme guide


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