New Job During a Pandemic

Moving job in normal times can feel pretty stressful and let’s face it, during a pandemic it is a different matter entirely. Initially, I certainly had apprehensions about any move during the pandemic, and I was moving from a company that was great with its employees and I needed to be sure I was going to a similar like-minded company with passion, integrity and quality at its heart.

After initially speaking to Chris the MD at Ascento Learning and Development, I felt inspired by his vision around apprenticeships and how they can enable businesses to elevate their staff like never before seen in the UK. Also, I was impressed by their willingness to change and grow to give their customers the best service in the market.

This is shown in our recent Ofsted visitation results where our leaders were recognised for strengthening their processes by recruiting highly experienced and well-informed experts and I was so proud that the report graded Ascento with “significant progress” acknowledging our leaders and those responsible for governance ensure that staff teach a curriculum to meet learners’ needs whilst incorporating the provision for remote and online learning.

Also, interestingly, the culture is changing too, as of 17th May 2021 we’re moving to an Employee Owned Company model and everyone is excited by the culture of “positively changing lives” that embodies the highest quality methodologies, continuous improvement and high calibre people for us and the way we work with our clients.

First week - Why Ascento was right for me?

My first week at Ascento has been amazing. Everyone has the same goal and purpose regardless of which department. The company has a great friendly buzz about the place. People are very customer focused, professional and quality orientated. We want the best staff possible.

I love working in Business Development and Sales. I’m motivated by watching individuals become more skilled and ultimately, build their client relationships so they are seen as trusted advisors. Working in Sales gives me the opportunity to stand out from the crowd by successfully helping clients and working in partnership.

For me, Ascento exists so businesses can elevate their employees through learning to their highest potential.

The Future of the Company

After assisting our clients for the past 12 years to achieve sustainable change from our successful apprenticeship programmes, we now have the foundations to help many more companies take full advantage of the apprenticeship levy and develop their staff to their highest potential.

As a business, we are moving to an employee ownership model from the mid May 2021. We wish to be more successful and sustainable to secure all of our futures for you and for us. We are committed to continually investing in and developing our industry leading provision to ensure that we are meeting the needs of businesses throughout the country in these ever evolving times.

"Apprenticeships are amazing!"

We have fantastic Apprenticeship courses within our School of Management and School of Marketing. We work to all levels and are so proud of what we have on offer. Apprenticeships are funded from contributions made by the government and your employer. Non-levy paying business will need to contribute 5% towards the cost of the required apprenticeship and the government will pay the remaining 95%.

To find out more about Ascento and our learning programmes, download a copy of our programme prospectus here. We are so proud of our learning organisation and all it incorporates.

Before I forget - D2N2 Bootcamps!

Also, one great opportunity not to be missed; if you are in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire under the D2N2 banner, then take a look at the new Digital Bootcamps that Ascento are launching again.

This course is fully funded for residents within this area through the Local Enterprise Partnership and gives 3 hours of specialist support per week across a 12 week period covering all the main Digital topics to hit the ground running. Places are still available and there’s still time to sign up!

Are you already a Digital Marketer looking to teach?

We are currently looking for a Digital Marketer to join our team as a tutor, they will ideally have experience of teaching / training but this is not a necessity. From 17th May, Ascento will be an employee-owned business. To find out more about us and the role please visit our Jobs Page on LinkedIn.


Adrian Davison

Written by Adrian Davison